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Why We’re Different


At Advanced Gastroenterology, we take pride in delivering the highest quality of service to our patients. The Advanced Gastroenterology difference lies in our expertise, experience and personalized patient care.

EXPERTISE – Dr. Hamdani has been trained under the best Ivy League institutions in the management of the most complex gastrointestinal diseases including liver transplant.

– With more than 20 years of experience and having performed over 10,000 endoscopic procedures, Dr. Hamdani has extensive management experience in all aspects of gastroenterology and liver diseases including risks and complications.

PERSONALIZED PATIENT CARE – Recognizing that each patient’s digestive disease or weight loss issue is unique and varied, Dr. Hamdani is dedicated to personalizing each patient’s health care with the treatment program that is best suited for them. This includes comprehensive follow-up care, innovative solutions and partnering with R&D institutions.

Meet Dr. Raza Hamdani

We have a talented, experienced and caring team dedicated to helping our patients in any way they can. We are committed to providing the best care and attention to our digestive disease and weight loss patients every step of the way – from answering your questions to working with your insurance company to figuring out your coverage, or working with Dr. Hamdani to determine the best treatment program for you – you will be taken care of and be supported throughout your time with us.

Dr. Hamdani works closely with his team of physician assistant (PA-C) and nurse practitioner (NP) to ensure that all patients receive the best possible care. On some of your visits, you may find that most of your time will be spent with our PA-C or NP rather than the Dr. Hamdani. This is very common and is designed to make sure you are taken care of as timely and effectively as possible.

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Meet Amanda Fusilier, PA-C